Flame retardant groundcover: An innovative product for safer greenhouses by Thrace Group

  • Thrace Group

The new weed control, flame-retardant groundcover fabric has just been launched at Greentech 2018, breaking new ground in fire safety.

The Flame Retardant Groundcover fabric was specially designed to integrate both regular groundcovers’ main features and new special properties, to effectively prevent the spread of fire· it is self-extinguishing, highly UV-stable and has the ability to inhibit and delay ignition, therefore helping you create a safer growing environment for your crops.

Flame Retardant Groundcover is the safer, sustainable replacement to the regular groundcover and can be used at greenhouses, gardens, nurseries, landscaped areas etc., to eliminate the risk of your yield being compromised by a potential fire.

The innovative Flame Retardant Groundcover fabric, designed and produced by Thrace Group, is being marketed by Thrace NG subsidiary.

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