Thrace Group Bets on IML to Revolutionize Sustainability in Food Packaging

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Thrace Group has introduced a game-changer mono-material pack that uses Thermoforming In-Mold Labeling (IML) Technology to create the perfect solution for food and beverage: top quality aesthetic, a reduction in plastic use, and guaranteed recyclability. The ultimate blend of sustainability and looks.

Striving to transition into a fully circular economy, Thrace has invested its resources to optimize its Thermoforming IML packaging production. The company has managed to use 40% less plastic and maintain optimal structural properties, making their packs as functional as before while reducing the carbon footprint of every product.

The second punch, a mono-material approach, ensures the container, closure, and label are all exclusively developed using polypropylene —a fully recyclable plastic— which means the solution is both easy to recycle (customers do not need to disassemble the product at the time of disposal) and compatible with the technology used at most recycling facilities around the world.

IML has additional branding benefits, as it is able to deliver premium decoration, full-body, high-quality printing that translates into high-resolution, photo-quality labels that help brands stand out in shops. And, the option of introducing gas and vapor barrier properties also extend shelf and storage life, further contributing to reduce food waste.
The final and ultimate blow comes with the packaging’s high productivity, fast production, and short development time, consolidating what is a unique, cost-efficient packaging solution that pushes sustainability goals like never before.

Want to learn more? Contact Thrace Group now and see how IML can take your production line to the next level. 

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