Incredible Impact Resistance & Design: Meet Thrace Group's Round and Oval Containers

Thrace Group offers a versatile portfolio of round and oval containers, tubs, and buckets, tailored to protect your products and exceed customer expectations. From superior impact resistance to a rich color palette, these containers are the ultimate packaging solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Customized sizes: Whether it's a practical 0.090 lt or a large 32 lt, Thrace Group's tubs and buckets cater to your volume needs. Need something unique? Custom sizes are just a request away, offering packaging that matches your vision perfectly.
  • Built to last: These containers boast high-impact resistance, safeguarding your products while maintaining their integrity and appeal.
  • Uncompromised security: Tamper evidence comes standard, ensuring your products remain sealed and untampered, building trust between your brand and your customers.
  • Lid compatibility: With lid compatibility and optional membrane sealing, the packaging solution can be tailored for specific needs.
  • High-quality branding: Thrace offers in-mold labeling and offset printing of up to 6 colors, opening the door to captivating packaging possibilities. Choose from a rich color palette that captures attention and reflects your brand.
  • Sustainable packaging: All containers are 100% recyclable, vouching for environmental responsibility.
  • Adaptable to different lifestyles: From microwaves to dishwashers and freezers, Thrace Group's containers are ready to embrace all sorts of lifestyles, making consumers' convenience a priority.
  • Beyond food: Thriving across industries, these tubs and buckers serve as ideal packs for baking ingredients, dairy products, seafood, paints, adhesives, construction materials, and more.

Elevate your packaging game with Thrace Group's round and oval containers, get in touch now to find out more.

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