Serving the Best Drinks, the Best Way

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Thrace Group introduces a new line of high-quality paper cups with innovative technical features, strengthening its position as the most reliable HORECA supply partner for coffee chains since 2002. This is the perfect on-the-go serving solution for hot and cold drinks, offering practicality, durability, and a premium drinking experience for your consumers.


Thanks to the company¡s leak-proof technology, Thrace's cups offer maximum bending resistance and excellent impermeability against liquids. Their incredible resistance makes them perfectly suited for celebrations, catering, and especially branding at large events such as music concerts and festivals.

The Food-Safe Cup

The content has zero direct contact with adhesive chemicals of any type, which means the cup is in absolute compliance with the EU-wide regulatory framework for packaging aimed for direct contact with food and beverage.


The use of FSC-certified paper ensures responsible forest management, minimizing the environmental cost of production, and ensuring the survival of woodlands and their ecosystems. The cup is also recyclable* according to certain paper recycling technologies, further contributing to brands meeting their sustainability goals.

Impressive Design

Always catering to proper brand differentiation, Thrace Group offers a vibrant print effect, excellent ink quality, and a unique rendering of even the most demanding artworks. Let your imagination lose and make the most of the simple, yet reliable packaging solution.

Investing in cutting-edge technology

Thrace Group aims to make a difference in the paper cup market by constantly innovating in durability hygiene, sustainability, and premium look and feel.

  • The company's technology does not use any chemical additives for the bottom-to-side-wall attachment, ensuring that the content had no direct contact with adhesives/glue.
  • The embedded high-quality, bio and water-based inks and varnishes carry all required certifications for use in food packaging, securing iconic printing and certified food and drink safety.
  • Each individual batch carries a unique tracking number ensuring full traceability during the manufacturing process as well as after its departure from the production facility.
  • International production plant certifications ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 attest to the cups’ high quality throughout all production stages.

Your ideal takeaway cup

Thrace Group's wide range of single and double-wall paper cups or hot and cold beverages will cover all your serving needs.

Serving the Best Drinks, the Best Way

*Specific additional requirements may apply within each EU member state.

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