Hot or Cold, Thrace Group Has Got Your Cup Covered

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Thrace Group offers a comprehensive range of thermoformed cups for the beverage market complemented by its catalog of plastic lids, addressing diverse beverage needs. With diameters ranging from 95mm to 131mm, these lids are engineered for a perfect fit, ensuring a spill-free experience.

For those in need of a secure seal for hot beverages, Thrace Group provides flat options that effectively close coffee cups and ready-to-drink beverages. These lids help maintain the drink's temperature and offer convenience and peace of mind to customers on the go.

In addition, Thrace Group offers translucent dome-like lids with strategically placed holes for straws. Designed for iced beverages, milkshakes, bubble tea, and slushies, these lids prevent spillage, while providing easy access to the drink. The transparency of the domes showcases the enticing colors of the beverages and allows customers to easily identify their favorite drink.

Recognizing the importance of customization in the beverage industry, Thrace Group's range of plastic lids provides the versatility needed to enhance your drink service, whether you run a trendy coffee shop, a busy smoothie bar, or a popular bubble tea joint.


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